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Locksmith North York


Rekey Locks

There is always an urgent need to rekey locks as soon as possible especially when there is knowledge that the home keys are found in the hands of strangers as well. For this reason, our company dispatches its emergency teams when people seek assistance. We have experience with all bolts and have the capacity to Rekey Locks in North York as soon as you request the service. We arrive at your property with the right equipment and thanks to our expertise, we complete the service fast.

24 hour teams for lock rekeying

We rekey all types of locks and do the job accurately. When a key is stolen or a tenant of a building with a master key system moves out, we can rekey the specific lock and provide a brand new key. This service is extremely important for the security of the current tenants since in many occasions older tenants or employees hold on to the keys of your apartment or office and nobody can be sure of their intentions. The response of our teams is immediate and Locksmith North York makes sure every team is properly equipped.

We provide excellent lock rekey services

The idea of having a lock rekeyed is to have a new key, which no one owns but you. For this reason, we change the tumbler of the lock and make a new key to fit the new configuration. Key change is done in minutes thanks to the great machinery equipping each van of our company. We are one of the fastest teams in Ontario and make sure all customers in North York are served with speed. Our experience in combination with our diligence and high quality equipment ensures that the new key replacement will fit perfectly in the lock. Our work is professional and impeccable as any one of our technicians for your Rekey Locks services in North York.

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